Belarus mail order brides are famous representatives of Slavic females. They’re not only beautiful but also caring, hospitable, kind, and supportive. These ladies make excellent wives, and that’s why so many men across the globe want to find someone like them. What stands behind the curtains of a relationship with them? Read this article, and you won’t escape the desire to start seeking Belarus women for marriage right away!

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Kiss Russian Beauty

Kiss Russian Beauty lives up for expectations. It is a fast modern website that matches people of all age from different parts of the world together. It has everything a man can ask for when seeking a woman and vice versa.

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3.3 offers you to find out why Belarus brides can become the best partners for happy family life and where you can meet mail order brides from Belarus without a necessity to travel overseas. Furthermore, you’ll get clues on how to attract single women from this country and what to prepare for in the relationships with these passionate and open-minded ladies.

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The Facts You Need To Be Aware Of About Belarus Mail Order Brides

For pretty obvious reasons many men think Belarus brides aren’t really different from the Russian ones. The counties are indeed direct neighbors and people have a lot in common. But if you think women are the same, you’re up for a big surprise. In case your knowledge about Belarus girls is slender, read the most interesting facts about them below and find out why Belarus wives are so good for foreigners.

Reasons to date brides from Belarus

Belarus Mail Order Bride

Do you want to meet Slavic bride? Here is why you should choose women from Belarus:

  • Beautiful and intelligent. A great mixture, right? On the one hand, the girls have a standard appearance for all world models — long legs, hourglass waist, slender neck, and nice facial features. On the other hand, they take education seriously, do trainings and courses, and learn on one’s own.
  • Mature and organized. What is it all about? In fact, about everything. Their lifestyle and attitude to work, study, and relationships make men admire them. Belarus brides don’t spend hours showering, doing make-up, and thinking what dress to wear. They don’t make their men wait. They keep promises and take responsibility for their actions. By the way, that’s what differentiates them from many girls from the neighboring countries.
  • Practical and wise. Belarus brides think twice before doing something or making a serious decision. These women set realistic goals and achieve them step by step without a rush. It’s good to choose Belarus girls for marriage because they act rationally.
  • Attentive and supportive. A mail order bride from Belarus takes care of her closest people like no one else. She notices the smallest details indicating that her dearest person feels bad and tries to comfort them. When her husband has to get through hard times, a local woman will do everything to help him restore emotional balance as soon as possible.

Top habits of Belarus mail order brides

You should find out about the following habits of local girls even before you start dating one of them:

  • Working on a few tasks at the same time. Belarusian brides are hardworking and diligent, so it’s not a problem for them to combine several duties.
  • Taking too much stuff when traveling. The truth is that a wife from Belarus wants to have everything at hand in case an unexpected event happens.
  • Committing themselves to kids. A Belarus mail bride will be a wonderful mother because local ladies devote themselves to kids. Maternity leave in this country lasts 3 years, so they dedicate much time to their babies. 
  • Calling their dearest ones a few times a day. If your bride from Belarus is on the phone again, she just wants to hear your voice and to know all is fine.

If you find these habits great, you can also pay attention to brides from Ukraine as they have much in common with Belarusian women.

Top 3 interesting facts about Belarusian brides

Belarus brides

Learn more about the girls! Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Fact #1. About 60% of Belarusian women speak English, and 63% – German. It’s an important factor to take into account when looking for a foreign wife. Belarus girls can understand you and are able to talk to you.
  • Fact #2. Belarus girls are tall. Well, even though their average height is about 166 cm, it was’t a hindrance to include them in the list of the tallest women. They take the 9th place out of 10.
  • Fact #3. They’re superstitious. You’d better not give a woman a bouquet with an even number of flowers. Also, don’t be surprised if your unmarried girl wouldn’t sit at the corner of the table or try a wedding dress on for fun. Or once you have a kid, she won’t show their face to strangers because, you know, someone might put the evil eye on them.

Tips for dating Belarus women for marriage

Do the following to make the best impression.

  • Never be late. Girls in Belarus are organized and punctual. Waiting makes them annoyed.
  • Be the leader. Belarus brides are independent and strong, but still believe in traditional gender roles. Prove you’re financially stable and serious about your intentions.
  • Let her realize herself. Don’t make her sit at home and be a housewife forever. She needs freedom to realize all her plans and projects. By the way, about 25% of businesses in Belarus are run by women.

Choosing a girl from Belarus as your future wife means a happy marriage, healthy relationship, and stability. It’s highly unlikely that misunderstanding, jealousy, and pride will interfere with your life together. Belarus girls are mature and know how to make things run smoothly. Make a step towards changes!

Elsa Moreck
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