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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Russian Bride For A Foreigner?

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The Russian mail bride cost depends on many factors. For example, a dating site membership price, the period you’ll spend seeking a potential girlfriend, and traveling expenses will affect the total sum. Although it may be hard to prepare your budget, don’t worry! In this article, you’ll find a detailed explanation of Russian male order brides prices. Look for important information below!

Best Russian Dating Sites To Look For Girlfriend Or Future Bride

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Kiss Russian Beauty lives up for expectations. It is a fast modern website that matches people of all age from different parts of the world together. It has everything a man can ask for when seeking a woman and vice versa.

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Reputable platforms that validate users and offer additional services to make a matchmaking procedure smooth and comfortable aren’t free. They offer a premium membership that allows using different communication tools and other solutions.

However, it isn’t the only thing included in Russian mail order cost. A man should not only find a Russian girl, interact with her, win her affection but also meet her face-to-face and take her to the country of his origin for a happy married life.

So how much is a mail order bride from Russia and what else should you know calculating a Russian brides price? This article contains the average Russian bride cost and explains all possible expenses and optional purchases. Keep on reading, and you’ll learn everything about Russian mail order bride prices.

Factors that influence Russian brides cost

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The average cost of mail order bride depends on the quality of the platform. Why do Russian order bride prices differ so much and what should you pay attention to while forming a mail order bride budget? Let’s distinguish some essential but straightforward peculiarities that affect the cost of mail order brides available on dating platforms.

  • Popularity – the more popular and well-advertised a platform is, the greater variety of girls would be registered with it. Thus, while you’ll have a grander pool of ladies willing to marry to pick from, the services’ cost may be a little higher than average. The higher the popularity of the platform, the higher the Russian mail order wife price will be.
  • Usability – no one likes to use outdated sites and services. So, you shouldn’t think that a well-designed platform will cost the same as an old-fashioned website. The maintenance services would be included in the prices stated on the site.Make sure you’ll need all the features available for the website, otherwise you’ll increase Russian mail bride cost and not even realize it.
  • Mobility – being able to talk to the girls you’re interested in at any time means that there should be a mobile version of the platform. Besides, the mobile app should be well-developed and responsive with most available devices and browsers, which requires additional investment. As a result, such a service will always cost more than those without a featured mobile app, and so will mail order brides pricing. Anyway, it’ll turn out to be very helpful eventually as the more you communicate with your lady, the better you get to know her and the more trust you gain.
  • Functionality – some dating services offer such standard features as chat messaging only, while others allow the users to communicate on camera, exchange gifts, and plan visits. While the former is usually low-priced, others offer mail order prices slightly higher than average.Plus, the more functions the website has and the more you want to use them, the higher the average cost of Russian mail order brides will be.
  • Safety – your online safety doesn’t come for free. The better SSL protocols are in use, the more secure users can feel online. However, such innovations are included in user membership costs too. But you still need to learn more about scams on mail-order bride sites.

All these factors define how much are Russian mail order brides. If you want to have a successful online searching experience, you should understand how much is a Russian mail order bride so that you can afford it.

Do Russian brides always have a price?

When men start thinking about Russian brides’ cost, they wonder if it’s achievable to get a wife for free. So, how much is a Russian bride? It depends. However, you can save up a little on Russian brides price.

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Things you can save on a Russian mail bride cost:

  • Dating platform. The subscriptions and credits are designed to reduce a Russian mail order wife cost. Some websites provide services for free, and the Russian mail order bride cost is minimal. Yet, in many cases, free platforms are less quality, safe, and effective.
  • Presents. It’s up to you to make the call on how often and how expensive the gifts should be. The more gifts, the higher Russian mail order bride prices are.
  • Tickets. You can reduce mail order Russian brides prices by monitoring discounts offered by airline companies. 
  • Accommodation. Hotels also often have hot deals. Besides, you may rent an apartment so that Russian brides looking for marriage price become lower.

The total sum will also involve your dates. But it’s unlikely that you’d decide to reduce the Russian brides cost by decreasing the quality of your meetings. However, the best things are free ones, and therefore even a walk in a park can be an unforgettable moment for you two.

Types of platforms according to their price policy

We can pick out 3 types of Russian online dating sites due to mail order bride pricing.

  • Low-cost sites. These platforms offer their users some standard features and communication tools to ensure the most convenient experience and lower the Russian mail order wife cost. Their Russian order bride prices start at $100 per month. These Russian mail order bride prices are affordable, and the services aren’t inadequate or ineffective. When you decide to reduce the Russian bride cost and feel comfortable on a simple site with plain options like chatting and mailing, what to pay more?
  • Mid-ranged sites. Such dating sites are the most popular, and Russian mail order cost starts at around $200-300 per month. If you want to buy a Russian bride, here you’ll find a more extensive database and additional features to use like voice or video calls and so on.
  • Premium sites. The title speaks for itself. These platforms offer lots of opportunities up to gift delivery and date arrangements that add to Russian brides price. When you’re ready to invest nicely into the Russian mail order wife cost, you should expect to pay around $300-500 per month.

Thus, how much does it cost to get a Russian bride depends on your dating website choice a lot.

How much do Russian mail order brides cost?

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It’s hardly achievable to count the final Russian mail bride cost as each case is specific. But let’s try to define the most common Russian mail order brides cost categories of expenditures and the approximate prices.

  • Mail-order bride site — Russian mail order wife price will vary from $10-40/month to $200-400+ for premium platforms.
  • Dating expenses — depend on you. These may be $50 for one guy and $200-500 for another a month.
  • Travel expenses — on average, the total price is $1,000-3,000.
  • Legal expenses — all in all, it might cost you an extra $100-500.

Additional Russian mail order bride cost

Once you finalize your decision and decide to meet the lady you’ve been interacting with online and take the experience offline, you should expect additional expenses to add to the list. Whether you’re visiting her country or she’s visiting yours, the journey arrangements will require some investment. The following costs should be added to the list:

  • Visa
  • Airplane tickets
  • Residence
  • Dates

Considering all the mentioned factors, you may expect to spend an additional couple of thousands of dollars trying to arrange the offline meeting. If you’ve decided to buy a Russian wife, don’t put it off anymore. Now you know the pricing pitfalls you can come across and the ways to cope with them. Plus, you now know how much does a Russian wife cost and hence, can plan your budget accordingly. This is helpful during different stages of your relationship, from dating to wedding planning. Russian mail order cost is different, and you should keep track of your expenses all the time

How much does the K-1 visa for a Russian mail bride cost?

Russian mail order wife

When searching for Russian mail order brides, you should learn everything, from their features to the aspects of taking your future wife to the USA. To travel to America, your girlfriend must get a K-1 visa. Russian mail order brides prices will include all the fees connected with getting the entrance permission:

  • Visa application fee – $265.
  • USCIS filing fee – $535.

So, the total cost of a K-1 visa for a Russian mail order bride is $800. However, expenses like medical examination may also be added to this sum.

Final thoughts

So, how much does a Russian mail order bride cost? You should expect to invest $2,000-5,000 on average. The price depends only on you, the categories you save or blow off on, the time you spend on dating platforms, the place your bride lives in, etc. Anyway, don’t get afraid of the final sum of the Russian bride cost. Divide it into smaller parts and think about how much you’ll spend a month. It’s usually $200-500. Pretty affordable for an average Western man. Does real love have a price after all? If you really care for a woman, it doesn’t matter how big is the Russian mail order brides cost.

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