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Top Most-Followed Hot Russian Girls On Instagram

russian hotties from Instagram

The Instagram account can often tell more about a person than friends, family, and colleagues. And many ladies don’t mind sharing beautiful and even hot photographs for millions of users.

Russian Instagram girls easily become influencers and attract millions of followers who admire their unparalleled pictures, amazing videos, and exciting stories. In most cases, these are hot Russian models with high-quality professional shots and regular posts which inspire others, draw desperate sights of males from other countries, and serve as a sweet candy to raise men’s moods daily.

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Do you want to get such a candy too? Take a look at the top-followed hot Russian girls on Instagram below in this article. All of them can boast the most liked and commented posts adorned with amazing images of their natural and unsurpassed magnetic appearance. Save your time searching for popular Russian girls on Instagram and don’t miss hot beauties who drive millions of people mad. Choose a sexy Russian model who appeals the most to you and visit her Instagram page! No doubts, you’ll be impressed!

Top Russian models of Instagram

Let`s analyse personal pages of the most popular Russian beauties. Get ready for captivating hours looking through alluring pictures.

Svetlana Bilyalova

6 mln followers

Svetlana Bilyalova is a Russian beauty from Instagram who makes lots of gentlemen from all over the world fall in love with her at the first sight. No wonder, as she`s very attractive. You`ll be amazed by her deep eyes and alluring body. Except for her gorgeous appearance, Sveta is a smart and inquiring lady fond of traveling and trying something new.

Svetlana is a successful model who achieved it by herself. She`s a hardworking and purposeful girl. This model didn`t expect to become a part of the fashion industry, as she isn`t tall enough but had a great desire for it. Her persistence was noticed, and a popular agency made her an offer that changed her life.

hot Russian Instagram models

Viki Odintcova

5.1 mln followers

Attention, this beauty is hotter than the sun! There is not too much text on her blog, but it adds some charm and mystery to her posts. She`s a positive and optimistic girl who loves her life and enjoys every moment. It seems like Viki doesn`t have time for depression and needless sufferings.

Viktoriia is patriotic. She travels much but always misses home and family. This model devotes posts to mom telling how much she loves her. You`ll also see Viki has a big heart, as she adores animals and relaxes in their company. Her special creatures are horses. There are many pictures of these animals on her Instagram.

sexy Russian Instagram models

Anyuta Rai

3 mln followers

Anna is one of the top Russian Instagram models. You`ll be astonished by her blog and not just because of the amazing cutie on pictures. Almost every post is supported by informative texts in English and Russian. She tells about places visited or shares thoughts concerning various topics.

Anna is a very active girl. She adores sports and tries herself in different kinds. Tennis, diving, horse riding, yoga, and lots of other activities are already mastered. This pretty girl considers sports her best decision. It helps Anna to feel in harmony with herself and the world. She never feels sad and is in big love with life.

sexy russian woman

Olya Abramovich

1.9 mln followers

Olya Abramovich is an angelic blonde with blue eyes. She looks like a sporty spice who maintains an active lifestyle and is a fan of healthy food. This beauty breaks the stereotype about blondes with a sharp mind. She speaks several languages, reads a lot, and shares her thoughts with followers.

Olya`s special passion is the ocean. It makes her feel calm and powerful. That`s why she often comes back there to get inspiration and become more and more successful. This lady doesn`t feel a lack of male attention, but her priority is true feelings and high moral values that are a rare commodity today.

hot blonde Russian woman

Carina Zavline

517 k followers

This lady has the most charming smile you`ve ever seen. She`s a kind-hearted and positive person who finds happiness in the simplest things, like the sun, sea, or a nice teddy bear. A blog is her diary where Carina daily tells about life, plans, and dreams. She works as a model and travels often, but her favorite place is Paris, the most romantic city in our world.

Carina is stylish and loves fashion with all her heart. She enjoys visiting social events and feels comfortable in high society. Still, this model doesn`t mind spending time in a cordial company of her lovely friends.

russian beauty online

Russian Instagram models aren`t a closed book anymore. Now you know all their secrets. The last thing for you to do is to check it in reality. Don`t waste your time.

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