Pros And Cons Of Serbian Women For Marriage

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The Truth About Serbian Brides: What You Didn`t Know

Really, what do you know about women from Serbia? For some reason, the girls there are a bit underestimated by Western men. Yet, you don`t know what you`re missing! Serbian brides aren`t less beautiful or smart than their counterparts from Eastern or Western European countries. But who they really are? What are they like? Do they date foreigners?

Characteristics of Serbian mail order brides

Here are just a few most common qualities of Serbian ladies.

  • Pretty. Serbian women are really beautiful. Why? Who can answer better than Serbian women themselves? They`re a mixture of lots of cultures and their facial features are unique. So it`s a matter of genes first. But culture also plays its role. Girls strive to look pretty as the society expects it from them.
  • Feminine. Serbia is a patriarchal country. So, you can expect your Serbian wife to work, cook, clean, and do other household chores and never demand to share the duties. She believes it`s her responsibility to take care of her family. But she, of course, expects you to carry heavy bags, open the doors for her, and make money (more than she does).

Tips for dating a Serbian bride

Follow the recommendations to make sure you do everything right.

  • Do your best to make a good impression on her parents. Serbs have very tight family bonds. It might be a bit strange for foreigners how close Serbian families are. Parents are treated with great respect. Their advice and demands are always out of the question. Thus, it`s extremely unlucky for you if they don`t like you. It wouldn`t even matter how much the girl is into you. So, make certain they welcome you.
  • Learn what she loves. Firstly, Serbs are famous for noisy celebrations, parties, and nightlife. It`s in their blood. Secondly, they`re fans of a dark sense of humor, good tasty food, their history, and… fancy talk. What else? Eye contact is extremely important for them!

Serbian women are perfect for dating and marriage. But how to gain a heart of one of them? The answer is to learn how to be better than an ordinary Serbian man. The thing is local guys pay so little attention to their women. Give her more then Serbian men usually give and you`ll be rewarded for that. You`ll get a loving wife, a caring mother, a passionate lover, and good loyal friend. It`s a win-win for everyone.